gives you the area first, and then from that you can choose what suits you and your family. Learning With the Movies was written for this purpose, to narrow the search for "a needle in a haystack" for those who haven't a huge exposure or background with this information.

It is the author's hope that Learning With the Movies will be a great service to those who want to "learn with the movies" and that you, your children and even classrooms will enjoy seeing history, science, music, art, biographies, etc., come alive. This is not a license to just view movies for school, but a beneficial tool to pull it all together in a fun, family way.

Beth has also included some good, clean family movies as well as those for "academic" reasons. It is her desire to make her family the place her children want to be and wish to bring their friends. Therefore, on occasion, they have a "family night" of movie, popcorn, spend the night guests and fun. Hopefully, these will aid you to have some family nights of your own.

The author hopes this will be a new way to make education real, enjoyable, and memorable to your children. We all know the old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Beth hopes these pictures will make the subject matter you are studying real and alive to your children/students, even if it's as far back as the beginning of time!

Contents of the Book
At present, this book includes almost 1100 reviews written for children, families and for educational purposes.

The categories Learning With the Movies covers are:

Bible Times
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
Middle Ages
1700s: America, Europe
1800s: West, East, Europe, World, Civil War
1900s (General), World, World War I,
    World War II:
        South Pacific
        Other Theatres of War
        The Home Front
Korean War

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