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Have you ever wished that you could really show your child what life was like in the Middle Ages, during the American West or during World War II? Well, there is a way!

Learning With the Movies, is an effort to serve the home schooling, as well as classroom communities and any families who wish to "learn with the movies;" to make learning come alive through the use of drama and film

Beth Holland is a former actress and singer, holding degrees in Voice Performance, Acting and later, a faculty member in the Department of Drama and Theatre at her alma mater, the University of Georgia.

There is no doubt that Hollywood has certain biases which are portrayed in film. However, there are films that are worthwhile to view which can offer us a way to look into the life and times of historical figures and events. Though not always successful, Hollywood takes great pains to make a film accurate in every possible detail. In a historic film, the clothing, customs, manners, weapons, table implements, jewelry, travel, etc., will be as historically accurate as they can make it. Therefore, Beth has used film as a culmination to many a study. This allows her children/students to SEE the period/person/scientific discovery about which they have studied as accurately as possible in the present time in which we live.

This book is written in the form of a film/video guide, but with some major differences: Beth has a Christian perspective and has reviewed these films with children's viewing in mind and has used these view-points in her reviews.

The categories are divided into time periods and subjects to accompany the need to find a film pertaining to a chosen area of study. If a home schooler or classroom teacher were looking for a film with catapults, seige towers and boiling oil to show Middle Ages warfare, would they know that a suitable film for children exists? It's easily found in Learning With the Movies under the Middle Ages section. What if they were looking for a film on chemotherapy, would they know to find the film
Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet? Would they even know where to start? Learning With the Movies has this film listed in "Medicine" with a write-up telling who Dr,. Ehrlich was and why he was of note.

A general movie guide is fine if you know what you are looking for, (if you want to read the write up for a movie coming on TV) but if you want a film to fit what you are doing, then you need a guide that

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